With a broad range of products on the market these days, you will wonder how you ever lived without automation. In brief, Automation is the act of removing the need for human intervention. We will incorporate your devices and appliances to make your home and office a stress free environment.


Set the scene.

Home Automation works great with Home theatres as it can set scenes. Picture this. You say. “Movie time”.  With those two words, the blinds and projector screen start to roll down from the ceiling, the ceiling lights slowly dim out and the wall lights slowly glow up to 50% brightness. Your projector will display a list of movies will be available all controllable from central source like a tablet. Another popular scene would be the ‘Good Night’ Scene. This would lock all the doors, close the front gate, turn off the AV, turn down the AC, turn off all the lights and activate ‘night mode’ which would allow lights to slowly dim up to 50% when activated during the night hours, perfect for the midnight trip to the loo.

It will take care of the simple things in life

It will take care of the simple things in life and help with reminders and keeping your family safe. Through setting schedules and events, it will water your garden with an irrigation system, but only if it didn’t rain yesterday or if there is a less than an 80% chance of rain today. It will let you know that you have left your garage door open or that your laundry door isn’t closed correctly at 9pm. You can open your electric gate and front door for a friend or delivery driver whilst watching a live stream from your phone or office. Your favourite radio station will play when you walk in the door when you arrive home from work every weekday.


Using popular systems like Clipsal’s C-Bus and Control 4, these systems can deliver advanced scheduling with remote access. These are not always possible so we aim to integrate off the shelf products and systems like IFTTT, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple Home. Whilst most of these systems can be installed yourself, retrofitted products like Z-wave and ZigBee switches will need to be installed professionally. This we can help you with.