Futureproofing is our core belief. We look to the future to see what’s coming, what laws are changing, and how to integrate these new technologies. We then get to design or change our client’s system so that it will be successful and compatible in the future. The aim is to see the roadblocks coming and create solutions to navigate continuity.

Our Core Beliefs

Currently trending is the enforcement of Safety Switches’ for your switchboards which have become mandatory. We install RCBO Safety Switches for minimum disruption on failed circuits.

What we see coming. The use of Electric vehicles and the requirement for Charges installed. Smart home devices, especially that retrofit market. Devices are becoming available brining connectivity to your old services. Although these products have been around for a while now, we are expecting huge developments of these products at more affordable prices.


We install the latest products ensuring that our clients always have room to expand with minimum fuss.

  • You will always have room for expansion.
  • Running that extra cable so that a room or light can be added later.
  • Using a larger size cable to withstand expected greater loads in the future.
  • Installing switchboards with extra room for future development.
  • Installation of network hubs and racks
  • Products with network capabilities to create smart products for automation.
  • Using cat6 as a minimum for your data. This will eliminate congested networks along inferior cables.
  • High Quality HDMIs’ and networking gear.

What we can do for you:

  • Install Electric Vehicle charges
  • Upgrade your switchboard
  • Upgrade your data network and capabilities
  • Protect your systems with an UPS
  • Install the latest AV products
  • Install the latest Smart Products turn your existing standard home or premises into a Smart One