The world today is built around the internet and visual media. We can design and install a system suited to your needs. All our electricians and data technicians are not only ACMA qualified but carry endorsements in each cabling discipline.


Data Cabling

Let us help you design and install your new network. Data security is paramount and the way to do it with a wired network. We use cat6 cabling as a minimum standard making sure your premises are future-proofed. We offer backbone installations, fibre optic cabling for all your Commercial and school requirements. Installation of racks and related networking equipment such as patch panels, switches and cable management. Schools and offices may require ducted skirting installed for correct segregation and for future expansions. We can integrate a UPS system to keep your data safe from drop outs and power failures.

Smart Devices are becoming more readily available and are most stable with direct access to a wired network.

  • Design of Networking systems
  • WAP and Backbone fibre installations
  • Racks
  • Patch Panels
  • Cable Management
  • Ducted Skiting
  • UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply

UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply

To protect your data from unforeseen power dropouts and failures an Uninterrupted Power Supply can be installed. These devices are virtually, smart batteries which you give you time and prevent your essential systems from power dropouts.  They can vary in size and may last long enough for a safe system shutdown or to be able to hold the load until a diesel generator can take control. We can install an appropriate Change Over Switches for the safe handling of multiple supplies within your premises.


AV installations

Audio Visual products needs to be installed correctly in order to get the most out your system. We have all the latest in 4K technology, audio streaming and smart products that will ensure your home theatre, Commercial and Corporate needs will be installed in such a way that it will allow for ease and control with maximum capabilities.

  • Home Theatres
  • MATV
  • Speaker systems internal and external
  • Corporate, Commercial and School cabling and installations
  • Projector and Projector screens.
  • Digital signage and Monitor systems
  • TV Aerials and TV Points