Good electrical and lighting design will help you achieve a safe and welcoming commercial space as well as reducing the cost of your electricity bills.


For office, warehouse, factory, retail and public buildings and areas

Good electrical design will leave you with readily accessible 3 phase and single-phase power to minimise workplace hazards like extension leads and strain injuries.

Factories and warehouses are usually supplied with hi bays across the floor with lighting to encourage productivity in work areas.

We can install and commission your electrical plant and switch gear for your industrial applications.

A commercial space should be as user friendly as possible for the needs of the public and your employees.

Public Buildings and spaces will use automation which will remove the need for human intervention leaving pre-determined controls for your public space to switch your lighting and power. Such controls will turn on carpark lights, water gardens and be linked to security systems.


Commercial spaces can vary greatly. Offices should have access to a high-speed network and power in the right locations to maximise your employee productivity and safety. Retail spaces require specific lighting and with good lighting design your retail space will look great and showcase your product effectively. We will ensure your retail space will be welcoming to encourage traffic and ultimately sales.