Whether it is a new high-end home, renovation, or installing a power point or sweep fan, we will ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work. We will only offer the best advice and recommendations on how to achieve your your desired solution economically in your home.


Safety is the number priority at work.

Your home and family deserve to be safe. We take great pride in being licensed and staying atop the latest rules and regulations.

Adequate lighting with a range of LED upgrades, will ensure your house is perfectly lit, balancing mood and function. Good lighting design will not only make your home look spectacular but more efficient in the process.

Guaranteed quality is what we are about.

Whilst we primarily use Clipsal products inside our domestic installations, we can tailor a range of switches and power points to suit your mood and budget. We aim to keep your home future proofed for future expansions and technologies as well as, all the necessary TV and data  requirements for this growing technological age.


Your switchboard is effectively the heart of your electrical installation.

Old ceramic fuses are being phased out and safety switches are in. Energy Safe Victoria has set new rules for the electrical industry regarding switchboard upgrades, new circuits and repairs. We can help you understand why the standards are in place and how to best navigate a solution.